Maruchi lives in Miami, where she has raised her four children and is now a proud grandmother of twins. 

After the tragic and untimely death of her son, she has spearheaded several attempts to pass a bill that would protect young athletes by assuring proper medical screening and testing while engaging in the lucrative business of competitive High School, College and University Sports. Her quest "How much is a young athlete's life worth?" is still a very controversial subject, and remains an unanswered question.

Maruchi Suquet Mendez is a Cuban born writer and author of “Finding Home,” a Memoir of a Mother’s Undying Love and an Untold Secret;  “Buscando Mi Estrella,” its' Spanish translation, and her newest book, “100 Things to Do in Miami Before You Die”. She is the co-founder of JunTos Foundation, which helps prevent the unnecessary loss of young victims to heart disease and cancer, and an advocate for student-athletes’ health.

“Finding Home” – The book Written By Maruchi Mendez